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2023 PEA Friend of Education Nomination FormPlease determine and notify your nominee and scan/email the completed form to Nicolas_Davis@plsd.us and Erin_Stevens@plsd.us no later than Friday, March 17th, 2023



  1. Fairfield – Shelley Perigo / Cindi Wilmer
  2. Heritage – Bob Keane
  3. Pickerington – Craig Friedrich
  4. Sycamore – Heidi Payne
  5. Toll Gate – Anne Starkey / Carlin Weiss
  6. Tussing – Angie Luke
  7. Violet – Kevin Topy / Shari Granados

Middle School

  1. Diley – Kyle Kesselring
  2. Harmon – Kirsten Hicks
  3. Toll Gate – Tricia Watkins

Junior High

  1. Ridgeview – Kim Kissel
  2. Lakeview – Samantha Basista

High School

  1. North – Emily Green
  2. Central – Gina Fraker

Contract Language for FLT: Article 35


There shall be established in each building a Faculty Leadership Team (FLT) for the purpose of: 1) providing a forum to express faculty and administrative concerns, 2) reviewing and recommending building level plans and procedures, 3) improving building wide communications between departments and/or grade levels; and where applicable 4) recommending the board approve Category VI-B Article 10 student clubs at the middle, junior high and high schools.

A.   Rules and Regulations

  1. In the elementary and middle school buildings, the membership of each FLT shall consist of one (1) unit member selected by the Association from each grade level for every ten (10) members or major fraction thereof. Additionally, the FLT shall consist of one (1) special education teacher, one (1) guidance counselor, and the building principal/designee. Representatives from the building Related Arts team shall be invited to all FLT meetings. FLT members shall be elected by the unit member’s assigned to that building.
  1. At the secondary level, the membership of each FLT shall consist of one (1) unit member selected by the Association from each department and/or team, one (1) media center specialist, one (1) guidance counselor, and the building principal/designee.
  1. Each FLT shall schedule an organizational meeting each May for the upcoming school year at which time a chairperson shall be elected (excluding the Building Principal), and the first meeting shall be set for the upcoming school year. The PEA President/designee shall be scheduled to attend the organizational meeting in order to provide best practices training for all FLT members.
  1. The chairperson shall be responsible for preparing an agenda and distributing copies to all unit members prior to each meeting. Any staff member or administrator who wishes to have a particular topic or concern placed on the agenda for discussion should consult the FLT chairperson.
  1. Each year, the FLT shall elect a Secretary from its membership who will be responsible for recording the minutes for all FLT meetings. Immediately after each meeting the Secretary should prepare a copy of the minutes and distribute electronic copies to each unit member in the building and post the minutes to the Google FLT folders.
  1. The FLT should be responsible for setting its own meeting schedule and for distributing electronic copies of this schedule to all unit members. In general, it is suggested that each FLT meet at least once per month.
  1. All meetings of the FLT shall be open to every unit member, non-certified/non-licensed employees, and administrators (except building principal/designee) as non-voting observers.
  1. Any proposed building guidelines recommended by majority vote of the FLT that have been mutually agreed to by the building principal shall first be given an initial reading at a FLT meeting. The guidelines must be committed to writing by the FLT chairperson or secretary and distributed to all employees in the building and the Superintendent for review.
  1. The Faculty Leadership Team shall make every effort to share “best practices” with the FLT’s in other buildings and the FLT’s shall make every effort to integrate modern business concepts into building operations.

If approved by the building principal and not disapproved by the Superintendent, these guidelines will then receive final approval following a second reading at a subsequent FLT meeting. These guidelines will be in effect for the building until repealed or modified. No building guideline will conflict with, supersede or modify any provision of law or administrative regulation, board policy, or any provision of the negotiated agreement. Violations of building guidelines may be raised through the internal complaint procedure.