PEA Friends of Education Dinner

2022 Nominees:

Samantha Babcock- Pickerington Elementary
Julie Murphy- Sycamore Creek Elementary
Ryan Holstine- Toll Gate Elementary
Stephanie Duff- Tussing Elementary
Ashley Crawford- Diley Middle
Bethanne Falther- Toll Gate Middle
Lexie Baughman- LJH
Kelly Martin- RJH
Lauren Edmonds- PHSC

Not pictured:
Kathy Richardson-Fairfield Elementary
Tiffany Wilson- Heritage Elementary
Kim McCullough- Violet Elementary
James Ross- Harmon Middle 
David Gorman- PHSN
Vince Utterback- District

2019 Nominees:

Pickerington High School Central – Karen Sewell

Pickerington High School North – Candace Thomas-Maddox

Lakeview Junior High School – Ryan Max

Harmon Middle School – Kelly Johnson

Toll Gate Middle School – Dwayne White

Fairfield Elementary School – Andre Friederich

Heritage Elementary School – Amy LaRe

Pickerington Elementary School – John Pysarchuck

Sycamore Creek Elementary School – Lauren Spaulding

Toll Gate Elementary School – Chris Leas

Tussing Elementary School – Althea Cabotage

Violet Elementary School – Emily Thompson

District Award Winner – Roosters  Restaurant

District Award Winner – Educators First Credit Union

Ridgeview Stem Junior High School – Dr. Carroll Campbell and Nick Salgia (not pictured)
Diley Middle School – Abbey Fatica (not pictured)

2018 Nominees:

Pickerington High School Central – Sergeant First Class Adam Dick     
Pickerington High School North – Cleo Hawes
Lakeview Junior High School – Sara Diehl
Ridgeview Stem Junior High School – Leah Spivak
Diley Middle School – Josee Widener
Harmon Middle School – Amanda Genheimer
Toll Gate Middle School – Dana Hiles
Fairfield Elementary School – Brian McCafferty
Heritage Elementary School – Melissa Shafer
Pickerington Elementary School – Dave King
Sycamore Creek Elementary School – Marilyn Keane
Toll Gate Elementary School – Sandy Weber
Tussing Elementary School – Keisha Robinson
Violet Elementary School – April Kim
District Award Winner – Keith Ebright


2017 Nominees:

Pickerington Central High School – Tammy Wilson
Pickerington North High School – Tiffany Smith
Lakeview Junior High – Michelle Glanzman
Ridgeview Stem Junior High – Tammy Powers
Diley Middle School – Cheryl Worth
Harmon Middle School – Violet Township Fire Department
Toll Gate Middle School – Kellie Crosby
Fairfield Elementary – Sarah Jackson
Heritage Elementary – Julie Bechert
Pickerington Elementary – Cheryl Worth
Sycamore Creek Elementary – Shirley Cain
Toll Gate Elementary – Kellie Crosby
Tussing Elementary – Denise Fortenbacher
Violet Elementary – Kimberly Fraley
District Award Winner – Pickerington Education Foundation


2016 Nominees:

Pickerington Central High School – Jim McWilliams Pickerington
Pickerington North High School – Michelle Rushlow
Lakeview Junior High – Sally Simone
Ridgeview Stem Junior High – Pete Gordon
Diley Middle School – Sui Tontala
Harmon Middle School – Bill Morgan
Toll Gate Middle School – Sam Fellows
Fairfield Elementary – Emily Johnson
Heritage Elementary – Julie Martin
Pickerington Elementary – Debbie Wilson
Sycamore Creek Elementary – Heather Theado
Toll Gate Elementary – Jonathan Mallory
Tussing Elementary – Erick & Summer Moynihan
Violet Elementary – Shelly Schrader
District Award Winner – Tyler’s Light


2015 Nominees:

Fairfield Elem. – Peggy Flaherty
Violet Elem. – Meijer Canal Winchester
Tussing – Aracelis Hoffer
Toll Gate Elem. – Christy Healy
Sycamore Creek – Geri Tsardoulias
Pickerington Elem – Dan Smith
Heritage Elem. – Dave Dunlea
Toll Gate Middle – Kim Nevers
Harmon Middle – Scott Tourville
Diley Middle – Mary Nicodemus
Lakeview – Tiffany Smith
Ridgeview – Sherri Gordon
Central HS – Theresa Bridgham
North HS – Walt Maki
Overall District Award – Sandy Weber


2014 Nominees:

Fairfield Elem. – Laura Miller
Violet Elem. – Dina Harrington
Tussing – Nancy Ashley
Toll Gate Elem. – Jacqueline Boggs
Sycamore Creek – Kristy Hannan
Pickerington Elem – Karen Bonness
Heritage Elem. – Sarah Thompson
Toll Gate Middle – Karen Loeffler
Harmon Middle – Dottie Tonjes
Diley Middle – Mary Bond
Lakeview – Cindy Poland
Ridgeview – Nicole Jackson
Central HS – Luann Bepler-Todd
North HS – Tara Myers
Overall District Award – Delta Dental


2013 Nominees:

Kindle Evans- Fairfield Elementary
Mary Hoffman – Heritage Elementary
Will James – Pickerington Elementary
Dawn Gonzalez – Sycamore Creek Elementary
Dawn Vanderhoff – Toll Gate Elementary
Annette Jackson -Tussing Elementary
Lindsay Duwe – Violet Elementary
Dr. Nicole Blau – Diley Middle School
Shannon Parlette – Harmon Middle School
Sue Henry – Toll Gate Middle School
Nancy Montgomery – Lakeview Junior High
Sherri Terbovich – Ridgeview Junior High
Sherry Stuart – North High School
Logos Bible Church – Central High School
PCMA Food Pantry of Pickerington – Overall District Award Presentation


 2012 Nominees:

Tina Ayer- Fairfield Elementary
Amy Stang – Heritage Elementary
John Gibson and the Gilbane Building Company – Pickerington Elementary
LeeAnn Wurster – Sycamore Creek Elementary
Vicky Swiger – Toll Gate Elementary
Irene Deweever-Gill -Tussing Elementary
 Kelly Yates – Violet Elementary
Sandra Larson – Diley Middle School
Stacy Miller – Harmon Middle School
Janet Thiede – Toll Gate Middle School
Harry Clyburn – Lakeview Junior High
Monica Stemen – Ridgeview Junior High
Lisa Meglich – North High School
Rick Knapp – Central High School
Violet Township Fire Department – Overall District Award Presentation


2011 Nominees:

Linda Podgurski- Fairfield Elementary
Trish Castellon– Heritage Elementary
Wendy Hux and Heidi Burkey– Pickerington Elementary
 Beth King – Sycamore Creek Elementary
Heather Weems – Toll Gate Elementary
The Young Gents Program – Tussing Elementary
Sally Simone – Violet Elementary
Laura Miller – Diley Middle School
Robin Middleton – Harmon Middle School
Teresa Weber – Toll Gate Middle School
Michelle Rushlow – Lakeview Junior High
Shawna Slovina – Ridgeview Junior High
Larry Goldasich – North High School
James Ferguson – Central High School
American Legion Post #283 – Overall District Award Winner


2010 Nominees:

Kat Briggs – Fairfield Elementary
Pam Landis – Heritage Elementary
Shawna Slovina – Pickerington Elementary
Dorothy Bauman – Sycamore Creek Elementary
Christy Radanof – Tussing Elementary
Tassie Hall- TollGate Elementary
Tiffany Smith- Violet Elementary
Geri Tsardoulias – Diley Middle School
Sherm Stevens – Harmon Middle School
Juanita Besore -TollGate Middle School
Kristen Burch – Ridgeview Junior High School
Annie Griffin- Lakeview Junior High School
Karen Sewell – PHSC
Billie Kelly-PHSN
Johnathan Hedgepeth- Overall District


2009 Nominees:

Lori  Starkey – Fairfield Elementary
Amy Vandervoort – Heritage Elementary
Lee Ann Wurster – Pickerington Elementary
Kelly Bloomfield – Tussing Elementary
Shelley Drager – Violet Elementary
Cathy Olshefski – Harmon Middle School
Crispin Alvarez – Diley Middle School
Patty Criminski – Lakeview Junior High
Su Kolli – Ridgeview Junior High
Mark Bennington – North High School
Grant Garber – Central High School
Lori Sanders – Overall District


2008 Nominees:

Patti Wigington – Fairfield Elementary
Peter Bush – Heritage Elementary
Dr. Jay W. Henry – Pickerington Elementary
Lynda McReynolds – Tussing Elementary
Michelle Waterhouse – Violet Elementary
Pat McDermitt – Harmon Middle School
Elaine Fairchild – Diley Middle School
Karen Oberst – Lakeview Junior High
Amy Stang – Ridgeview Junior High
Kim Boone – North High School
Lucretia Garcia – Central High School
Lew Stemen – Overall District


2007 Nominees:

Ray Mason – Fairfield Elementary
Cindy Davis – Heritage Elementary
Dawn Williams – Pickerington Elementary
Stacy Miller – Tussing Elementary
Betsy Frownfelter – Violet Elementary
Major Mike Smith and Captain Patrick Durbin – Harmon Middle School
Stephanie Pineda – Diley Middle School
Linda Ballog – Lakeview Junior High
Betty Jarrell – Ridgeview Junior High
Lisa Meglich/Janet Theide – North High School
Jason Bontrager – Central High School
George Williams – Overall District