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PEA Labor Day Parade 2021

PEA Labor Day Parade 2021

Thank you to the members and their families that walked with us in the 2021 Labor Day Parade.

Unfortunately, since 2018, dues deduction were lost in the tax bill.  

NEA Complimentary Term Life Insurance

NEA Member Benefits

PEA Committee Interest

Continuing Contract information — See also page 53-56 of the master agreement

OEA Educators Employment Liability Program


2022 Friend of Education Winners

Samantha Babcock- Pickerington Elementary

Julie Murphy- Sycamore Creek Elementary

Ryan Holstine- Toll Gate Elementary

Stephanie Duff- Tussing Elementary

Ashley Crawford- Diley Middle

Bethanne Falther- Toll Gate Middle

Lexie Baughman- LJH

Kelly Martin- RJH

Lauren Edmonds- PHSC

Not pictured:

Kathy Richardson-Fairfield Elementary

Tiffany Wilson- Heritage Elementary

Kim McCullough- Violet Elementary

James Ross- Harmon Middle 

David Gorman- PHSN

Vince Utterback- District

2022 PEA Susan W Hughes Scholarship winners

Adisyn Dorman-PHSN and Rylee Osborne- PHSC


Outstanding Grassroots Activist Award Winners from Pickerington 2018

Cynthia Billirakis & Dana Calloway


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